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About Enertek International

A privately owned independent R & D company offering confidential and competitive services as well as cost-effective innovative solutions to the gas, electrical and oil appliance industry on a contract or consultancy basis.


Enertek International GmbH, is an independent company operating to support manufacturers with their R&D requirements. Enertek’s main business is product consultancy, design, development and testing.

Please note, Enertek is not a Certification Authority or Notified Body. This is not possible due to the obvious conflict of interest between design/development and certification.

The illustration shows the relationship between Enertek and Certifying agencies. We do design and development, they issue certification, and either party can produce test results backed by an ISO 17025 quality system for use as a basis for certification.

Enertek International GmbH Certification

Key Team Members

Kellie Melbaum-Brenner

Kellie Melbaum-Brenner

General Manager

Kellie is responsible for the operations of Enertek International GmbH and client correspondence.

Paul Needley

Paul Needley

Group Managing Director 

Paul is responsible for support and resources required from the group companies. 

Confidentiality as standard

Enertek International GmbH appreciates the importance of discretion and confidentiality hence this comes as standard. However, if required we are pleased to sign an additional two-way non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for additional assurance.


Distance is not an issue; Enertek operates in a global market, and although modern technology like Microsoft Teams or Zoom make video communication easy and cost effective, our traditional values of building business relationships with our clients is based on face-to-face meetings wherever practical.

Nowhere in Europe is more than 3 hours flying time from Cologne and intercontinental flights take no longer than a day in the office. 

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