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Research and Development Consultants Specialising in the Design, Development and Certification of Heating, Cooling and Catering Appliances

Enertek International GmbH Cologne

Consultancy, Contract Development and Testing Services

Enertek International GmbH assists participants in the heating and cooking appliance industry with research and development services covering all aspects of the product life cycle.

The company, based in Cologne and managed by Kellie Melbaum-Brenner, provides consultancy, contract development and testing services to European clients from its base in Germany. In addition to its own resources the company has access to the laboratory and design facilities offered within its sister company and wider group.

Enertek International GmbH has been incorporated to offer European appliance manufacturers in the heating, cooling and catering appliance industries access to the same services available to UK and non EU clients without the complications caused by Brexit.

Since Brexit, dealing with companies in the UK has become challenging and poses bureaucratic barriers which can be complicated to overcome.

Dealing with Enertek International GmbH avoids these complications, because any assistance from the UK sister company is dealt with internally. Services to European clients will be undertaken within the single market, under European Law and all commercial activities will be between Enertek International GmbH and the client.

Enertek International GmbH Cologne

Areas of Specialist Consultancy

Hydrogen Testing   Enertek International GmbH

Low Carbon Appliance Development

  • Hydrogen appliances
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat Networks HIU’s
  • Micro Combined Heat and Power 
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We offer a bespoke service in addition to incorporating it into design and development activities.

Combustion Consultancy

Combustion Consultancy

  • NOx measurement and reduction
  • Mathematical modelling and combustion chamber design
  • Efficiency optimisation
Market & Specification Consultancy - Enertek International GmbH

Market & Specification Consultancy

  • Market analysis and specifications
  • Product evaluations and benchmarking
  • Strategic technical and R&D advice
Testing Services (Provided by a UKASILAC Accredited laboratory)   ISO EN 17025)

Testing Services

Provided by a UKAS/ILAC Accredited Laboratory (ISO EN 17025

  • Product testing to European US and Australian Standards
  • Product Audits / Product surveillance
  • Preparation of test reports for certification
Product Design and Development   Enertek International GmbH

Product Design and Development

  • Bespoke appliance design
  • Product enhancements
  • Cost optimisation
Certification Services   Enertek International GmbH

Certification Services

  • Accredited test work
  • Compilation of Technical Files
  • Assistance with acquiring Certification
  • EC, UKCA, US and AU
International Market Consultancy Services

International Market Consultancy Services

  • Advice – Technical and Market specifications
  • Introduction to Potential Partners
  • Europe, UK, America and Australia


  • ISO EN 17025 Quality system
  • Access to a fully equipped engineering laboratory within the group HQ
  • Access to international markets including UK and US
  • Assistance with acquiring certification (EU, UKCA, US, AU)


  • Increase R&D Capacity
  • Reduce Product Development Timelines
  • Objective Analysis
  • Confidentiality is Assured
  • Liaise with Certification Authorities Worldwide

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